Short Stories
Published Writings

Washing Shirts in Morocco
Sparx. Issue 5, 2020

Mind the Gap. Repeat. Mind the Gap.
Verge 2020: Ritual (Monash University Publishing

Lost for Words
Storyfire: winning stories from the Stuart Hadow
award 2005 - 2017 FAW,W.A (Anthology) 2019

The Last Days of Rue Bebelons
Award Winning Australian Writing 2016

A Christmas Tradition
Award Winning Australian Writing 2016

Post Partum
Award Winning Australian Writing 2015

Westerly 60.1 2015

Port Phillip Writes - Stories and Poems 2015

The Victorian Writer - The Etiquette Issue March 2015

Coming Home
Aesthetica Creative Annual 2013 (UK)

Playing Mouse
Write Now! 2013 Anthology

Swapping Addictions
Laura Literary Awards Anthology 2013

Four Winds
Southerly at Seventy, Southerly: Vol 69 No 2 2009

Page Seventeen: Issue 8 Oct 2010